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pH Neutralization or Adjustment Systems by Burt Process Equipment 

pH is the measure of the acidity or basicity of an aqueous solution. It is measured on a scale of 0-14. Solutions with a pH of less than 7 are acids while solutions with pH greater than 7 are basic. At Burt Process Equipment, you will find a wide variety of industrial wastewater treatment systems.

BPE Manufactured Batch and Continuous pH Neutralization or Adjustment Systems for both Industrial and Laboratory wastewater applications. The families of pH Systems are engineered to automatically treat wastewater by adjusting the pH to acceptable pH ranges before discharging the water to the public sewers. The compact design of BPE systems offers a minimum installation expense and maximizes work space.

BPE knows reliability, automation, and quality process performance is essential at all times. As a result, our engineers have designed each and every neutralization or adjustment processes using the best components and the latest features.

“Purchase pH Neutralization or pH Adjustment Systems from Burt Process. Please call Burt Process for more details about all of our Industrial pH Systems.

pH Plus Family of pH Neutralization Systems

pH Plus Family of pH Neutralization Systems

The pH Plus Family of pH Neutralization Systems provide complete automatic neutralization. This is a continuous flow system with flow rates up to 50 GPM. They can also be designed as a batch adjustment system and run manually or have optional automatic batch controls. Some features of the Plus Family include PLC/HMI control for set points and status, customer specified PLC/HMI capabilities, and optional UL508A listed controls.

Assured Compliance Systems

The Assured Compliance(ACS) of pH Adjustment or Neutralization system is a continuous flow stream utilizing a hybrid batch technology patented by BPE. The ACS provides assurance of a properly treated waste stream using freeboard and flow diversion should an out-of range pH condition occur. Standard features include flow rate of up to 300 GPM and a pH of 1-14, assured compliance control technology, passive equalization chamber, and more.

Lab Master Family

The Lab Master Family utilizes pretreatment feed systems to enable fast and accurate pH Adjustment Systems with minimal chemical usage. This Systems are engineered to handle low ion content waste streams from semiconductor facilities and laboratories. Lab Master family of pH Adjustment System is available in compact lab style modules, and skid mounted or individual component systems to provide ultimate flexibility where floor space is a premium.

Spec Master Series of pH Adjustment Systems

The Spec Master Series is a premier line of Industrial pH Adjustment Systems that incorporates the highest quality components for reliability and functionality. BPE has designed, built, and installed the Spec Master Series for many fortune 500 companies in the pharmaceutical, semiconductor and metal finishing industries.



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