pH Neutralization Systems for industrial wastewater treatment
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pH Neutralization Systems

Founded in 1970 Burt Process Equipment is a worldwide leader in the design, manufacturing, and distribution of high purity and corrosion resistant equipment, systems and services. Our pH neutralization systems are considered industry standard and result of forty years of experience and engineering development in the field of industrial wastewater treatment.

We take a hands-on approach with our clients in developing proven industrial systems for pH adjustment systems space. Our highly qualified staff includes mechanical, chemical, and electrical engineers as well as project managers, programmers and CAD designers to offer complete engineering and development services. Our engineered systems provide the optimal solution for wastewater treatment with various size options available to meet your specific need. pH Neutralization Systems are available in batch or multi-stage continuous flow treatment setups. We offer turnkey assistance from the first call, where our application and design engineers work with you to develop specifications and solutions specifically designed for your needs. Customized pH adjustment systems equipment is our specialty and our engineers work with our clients every step of the way.

pH Neutralization Systems

The pH Plus Series pH Neutralization Systems Advantage
Burt Process Equipment’s pH Plus family of advanced pH neutralization systems modules and systems represent the industries best and most complete line of pH monitoring and control equipment. The pH Plus pH adjustment systems series is the result of forty years of experience and engineering development in the field of industrial wastewater treatment.

pH Neutralization Systems Features
• PLC/HMI Control for Setpoints and Statuses • Customer Specified PLC/HMI Capabilities
• Optional UL508A Listed Controls

pH Adjustment Systems Available Options
• PHX Single Reagent Systems • Flow Monitoring Equipment • Batch Collection Tanks • Pump Transfer Stations • Liquid Level Controllers • Secondary Containment

pH Neutralization Systems Reliability and Performance
pH Plus pH neutralization systems are designed for long trouble free service backed by Burt Process Equipment’s forty years of experience in the design of pH adjustment systems and the hundreds of successful applications throughout the United States. Every module includes Burt Process Equipment’s one year component replacement guarantee to assure uninterrupted performance and assured regulatory compliance.

pH Neutralization Systems

The ACS Series pH Adjustment Systems Advantage
The Assured Compliance (ACS) pH neutralization-systems treat continuous flow streams employing hybrid batch technology developed by Burt Process Equipment, the leader in pH adjustment systems for over forty years. The new ACS series pH adjustment systems accept wastewater on a continuous basis at a flow rate of up to 300 GPM and a pH of 1 – 14.

pH Neutralization Systems Features and Benefits
• Flow rate of up to 300 GPM and a pH of 1-14 • Assured Compliance Control Technology • Passive Equalization Chamber • Multi-Chamber Treatment Tank • Heavy-duty Gear Mixer

pH Neutralization Systems Available Options
• Single or Dual Stage Treatment • Additional Diversion Storage Tanks • Pump Transfer Lift Stations • Instantaneous & Total Flow Monitors • Effluent Temperature Monitor

pH Adjustment Systems Reliability and Performance
Unlike typical continuous flow pH neutralization systems, the ACS pH adjustment systems provides the monitored assurance of a properly treated waste stream through the use of freeboard and flow diversion and includes an alarm annunciator should an out-of range pH condition occur.


pH Neutralization Systems - Lab Master

pH Neutralization Systems

The Lab Master Family pH Neutralization Systems Advantage
These pH neutralization systems incorporate high efficiency precision metering systems to minimize chemical usage in high purity waste streams. The Lab MASTER pH adjustment systems skid is also available with pretreatment chemical feed systems to increase ion content and reduce reagent usage.

Available in compact Lab Style Modules, skid mounted or individual component systems, the Lab MASTER pH neutralization systems provide ultimate flexibility where floor space is a premium.

pH Adjustment Systems Component Materials and Specifications
• Treatment Tanks: Heavy Duty Reinforced Polypropylene
• Reagent Vessels: HDPE or FRP / HDPE
• Piping: Fusion Welded Polypropylene or PVDF

pH Adjustment Systems Lab Master Options and Accessories:
• Sodium Bicarbonate Automatic Injection System
• Dual Stage Treatment
• Influent Equalization Systems
• Effluent Flow Monitors


pH Adjustment Systems - Spec Master

pH Neutralization Systems

The Spec Master pH Adjustment Systems Advantage
Burt Process Equipment has designed, built, installed started-up and serviced Spec Master pH neutralization systems for many Fortune 500 Companies in the Pharmaceutical, Semiconductor and Metal Finishing Industries.

pH Neutralization Systems Component Materials and Specifications
• Tanks: Heavy Duty, Fusion Welded, Steel Reinforced Polypropylene
• Mixers: High Efficiency, Low RPM, Oversized Bearings (100,000 L-10 hours) 316 SS Axial Flow, Low Vortex Propeller and Shaft
• Reagent Vessels: FRP Encased HDPE or XLPE

pH adjustment systems Options and Accessories
• Dual Stage Treatment
• HMI/BMS/SCADA Interface
• Touch Screen Monitors and Controls
• Bulk Chemical Transfer Systems


Burt Process Equipment is the leading manufacturer of pH neutralization Systems, pH adjustment systems, acid waste neutralization and acid handling systems for industrial waste treatment ( pH neutralization System ) .
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